Monday, September 24, 2012

My Ten Goals for 2012-2013

My Ten Goals for 2012-2013
Every day I will help make a colleague better.
Specific Goal
On my year-end teacher evaluation survey  90% of teachers will respond favorably to Have I helped make you a better teacher.
Steps for Achievement
I will create a daily journal and record at least one interaction that helped me achieve that goal. I will follow-up with teachers.

Every day I will make myself a better leader.
Specific Goal
I will document in my journal what I did that day to make myself a better leader.
Steps for Achievement
I will actively participate in online conversations.
I will listen.
I will engage in meaningful discussions with faculty, staff, parents, administration, etc.
I will read.
I will listen to podcasts, webinars, etc.

I will create relationships based on respect, trust and mutual understanding. I will support and engage those with whom I work and always act with the utmost integrity. I will listen and learn.
Specific Goal
In my  year-end evaluation, I will earn 100% superb marks in response to Treats people fairly, equitably and with dignity and respect and communicates effectively and openly with teachers and staff.

I will communicate with and engage parents and the community.
Specific Goal
By the end of the year, we will have over 200 twitter followers.

On the parent survey, over 80% of parents will strongly agree or agree with KRHS keeps me informed about my child’s academic progress and I am satisfied with the level of communication at KRHS.
Steps for Achievement
I will work with teachers and staff to increase community engagement by increasing and improving our online presence
I will oversee parent trainings on Angel and other technologies
I will ensure that teachers are regularly communicating and corresponding with parents

Through scheduling, communication and influence, teacher collaboration will improve.
Specific Goal
Collaboration will lead to improvement on SOL scores, especially for students identified with learning disabilities.
Steps for Achievement
I will work with the administrative team and faculty /staff to improve teacher collaboration through scheduling options. I will actively participate in teacher collaboration and the PLC process.
The focus will be on student growth and achievement.

I will work with struggling students to improve their academic performance.
Specific Goal
80% of these students’ GPAs will improve.
Steps for Achievement
Meet with parents and students.
Involve teachers, counselors, and the students in developing goals and strategies to improve their academic performance.
Schedule meetings with students and teachers, when necessary, to monitor their academic progress.

Teachers will be held responsible for their professional conduct.
Specific Goal
Teachers will arrive on time and fulfill their duties and other obligations.
Steps for Achievement
I will recognize teachers who fulfill and exceed their professional responsibilities using individual and group praise.
I will not engage in conversations about excuses.
I will make instructions very clear so both the poor performer and the I know the difference between acceptable and non-acceptable.
I will gather data and keep records.

I will use data to foster conversations, improve daily instruction and learning and improve Kettle Run.
Specific Goal

Steps for Achievement
I will create a data wall in my office.
I will conduct periodic surveys, collect data through observations, and compile teacher and student data.
Data will be the starting point on conversations about learning and student growth.
I will meet with teachers in focus areas to establish specific goals in relation to SOL scores, grades, and AP scores. 

I will be a lead learner and instructional leader in my school.
Specific Goal
Increased use of formative assessment, differentiation and feedback (using data collected from observation and walk-throughs).
95% of teacher will state that I provide superb/good direction for improving instruction in my year-end evaluation survey
Steps for Achievement
I will use Cougar Communications to inform teachers of best practices.
I will lead opt-outs on instructional practice.
I will constantly communicate instructional strategies and expectations to faculty.

I will keep students and learning as the focus of every decision.

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