Sunday, August 25, 2013

Learn Twitter

Every two and a half days a billion tweets are sent!

It’s important that we as teachers understand Twitter as our students are using it as one of their main means of communication. But, more importantly we should be using Twitter to learn, collaborate and improve as educators. By expanding our Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), we will be better able to address the challenges of educating our students.

In Learning by Heart, Roland Barth pontificated, “I wonder how many children’s lives might be saved if we educators disclosed what we know to each other?”

Twitter enables use to tear down those walls and to openly communicate.

I hope you’ll join millions of other committed educators and me on Twitter. Looking forward to learning from you.


shana s said...

I understand your desire to have educators up to date on the various uses of social media but please be realistic in the benefit that it will have for our kids. It may be surprising to you but there are some kids that are very against using the more popular social media outlets, even though they may be quite tech savvy kids. Classroom discussions or activities on twitter would be limited to the students that have access to twitter and the desire to use twitter, so there would be some that are left out. The better angle to be taking is encouraging more use of Blackboard, many teachers still use it only minimally.

Shan said...

What a great explanation. I will be sharing it with colleagues. Thank you!